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Educators - Lesson 3

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Lesson Plan

Link for ‘Becoming Seekers of Truth National Youth Day’ - Sadhguru -

Additional Resources
  • Additional Video ‘Sitting in Silence Practice Instruction Video’ can be accessed to support students in developing this skill. The video has an open ending (time 4:40 minutes), students can finish when they feel to, preferably continue for a further 11 minutes).

  1. Educator can pass on the link for ‘The Gandhi Rap - be the change u want to see’”

  2. This Rap inspires students in achieving their full potential from Truth.

  3. Gandhi was once ordinary but went on to achieve extraordinary things.

  4. N.B. This is not a religious teaching, it’s to inspire the audience to consider that whatever their beliefs/religion we are all ‘one’ when we access our Truth. It is inclusive in terms of the curriculum bringing together people from all diverse backgrounds.

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