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About Us

Who we are


The SEJ organisation is a pioneer in enabling schools to become Self Empowered, finding solutions to problems through the SEJ Process reducing the need for external intervention, where students, staff and families do not always have access to services when they are needed most. 


Our work

We are an organisation that seeks to empower everyone that is connected to children and young people, from parents/carers, families, educators, and staff.  We believe that a whole school approach is essential if we are to see improved mental health awareness and wellbeing in our students, educators/staff and families. For each has a direct impact upon the other. We teach the SEJ Process, a Self Empowerment tool to enable everyone to ‘stay mentally healthy’ and reach their full potential.


What we do


We work with just one process for the whole school community which provides the life skills needed to find personal and professional empowerment in every moment regardless of the life situation. It is a process that provides a framework for self-enquiry, enabling the practitioner to manage themselves in all life situations and all areas of life. This process is called the Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ).



Our Mission – our mission is to share with everyone that impacts the lives of children the SEJ Process. We believe that everyone should be taught the skills needed to ‘stay mentally healthy’.

We will achieve this in the following ways:

1. Share

    a) The root causes of mental illness understanding its nature and impact upon us and those around us.

    b) The SEJ Process in varied accessible formats so it is readily available and easy to use.

2. Implement and improve services so everyone within the setting and beyond impacting the lives of children are able to access the SEJ Process, with no-one being left behind. Ensuring connections are made with all those involved so that access to the SEJ does not depend on social, ethnic or economic background or geographic location.

3. Build a network of SEJ Consultants, Facilitators and Trainers that can share the SEJ within the school community.

4. Encourage educational settings to address the backlog of referrals to external services through personal empowerment using the SEJ Process.


Our vision is to empower the whole school community through the SEJ Process providing lifelong transferrable skills to ‘stay mentally healthy’, and realise their full potential.

To make true this statement

"Self Empowerment is the realisation of the True Self beyond the mind. This realisation puts you in touch with a Self that is free of limitations, free of fearful thoughts and painful emotions, free to respond to life rather than react, free to reach your full potential.”


 The Self Empowerment Journey - SEJ is a process that takes you to this realisation."   



Our Values

How we approach our work and the sharing of the SEJ is representative of the SEJ Process in action, it is therefore as important to us as the work itself.


To understand and meet the needs of the whole school community we must be compassionate, whilst demonstrating awareness, and kindness.


We are open to, listen and learn from children, young people, families, educators and staff all of which are at the centre of everything we do. Collaborating with external agencies and all involved in the school community.


We demonstrate sound ethical values acting with honesty and integrity through all our relationships, services and training, whilst being both authentic and transparent.


We learn from our mistakes and we will never give up! We will continue to share the SEJ to enable all to ‘stay mentally healthy’ with courage, determination, and conviction finding solutions to problems through our own use of the SEJ Process.


We are open-minded in our approach and actions, delivery of our services and developing our skills to ensure excellent practice.

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