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SEJ Practice Workshops


SEJ Practice Workshops Information

The SEJ Practice Workshops are a key and critical part of learning the SEJ Process, as this is where you get to practice what you have learnt. The SEJ training covers the theory of the SEJ in great detail, but the real change and benefit comes from your practice of the SEJ.

If the SEJ is integrated into the curriculum a Practice Workshop is included as lesson 7. However, it is best to attend regular workshops to enhance your practice of the SEJ Process, you can join these here independent of the setting.

Who can attend a SEJ Practice Workshop?

Open to anyone who has learnt and is practicing the SEJ Process, and would like to develop their practice, ask specific questions, or would simply like more support.

During the SEJ Practice Workshop you will have an opportunity to:

1. Ask questions about the SEJ Process.
2. Obtain any practice corrections.
3. Bring examples of your SEJ Worksheets to work through.
4. Practice key aspects of the process.

How do I join the SEJ Practice Workshops?
Times, dates, and venues including live and online events, will depend upon your settings training or membership plan. Your setting will give you further information on the support they offer.

Alternatively, you can join a workshop independent of your setting here.

Please note our SEJ Practice Workshops will incur a small fee, and your setting workshops maybe free, we do however offer a student discount. 

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