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Setting Standard Plan
Setting Bespoke Plan

SEJ Process Training Programmes and Membership Plans for Educational Settings.

For the whole school community to learn the SEJ Process we have 3 options available:

​1. Setting Standard Plan

2. Setting Bespoke Plan

3. SEJ Plan - Student, Educator/Staff, Families

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1. Setting Standard Plan

The Setting Standard Plan is for students (Key Stage 5 and HE only), educators, staff, and families, and provides a combined training and membership plan. This combined training and membership plan provides immediate access to SEJ training and resources through our on-demand training, with live SEJ Practice Workshops included. This cost-effective entry-level package provides everything a student, educator, team member or family would need to learn and practice the SEJ. This plan can also be used in conjunction with a bespoke plan. A bespoke plan is necessary if the SEJ is integrated into the curriculum and for Key Stage 4 students.

Audience: The setting can allocate spaces to students (Key Stage 5 and HE only), educators, staff, and families.

Training includes:

·       5 On-demand SEJ training modules run over 7 lessons

·       12 months live support for up to 5 people per week via our live on-line SEJ Practice Workshops

Membership Plan includes:

·       12 months unlimited access for up to 50 people within the school community

·       12 months unlimited access to training modules  

·       12 months unlimited access to online resources

·       FREE newsletters, and updates

·       Private Facebook SEJ Practice Support group available

Price: £75 per month.


2. Setting Bespoke Plan

​A Setting Bespoke Plan is available for Key Stage 4, 5 and HEI. This bespoke plan can be targeted towards specific members of the school community e.g., students or educators, or for the whole school community. The beauty of the bespoke plan is you get to decide what is most appropriate for your setting. You can also add or remove features from your plan to suit your setting’s requirements.

​Training can be delivered online or in person, or we can train a member of your team to deliver the training.

​A bespoke plan is required if:

·       Students are under the age of 16 Key Stage 4

·       The SEJ is integrated into the curriculum through PSHE lessons or Professional and Academic Skills

·       You wish to have a tailored plan to meet your settings unique requirements

·       You require more than 5 individuals per week to access ongoing support through SEJ Practice Workshops

·       If you require more than 50 people within the school community to access the SEJ training


·      ​Fees for Setting Bespoke Plan varies depending upon your setting’s needs. Fees are given as part of your free consultation.

​3. SEJ Plan - Student, Educators, Families

​Our SEJ Training and Membership plans enable anyone within the school community to access training independent of the setting. They allow the user to learn at their own pace, receive live on-going support and have access to resources. As a setting you are able to provide information about this service to your students, staff, and families.

Apply for funding

Through our various fundraising campaigns and activities we are able to offer partially or fully subsidised SEJ services to your setting. This enables us to offer you SEJ services such as membership, training for students, staff, and families, and to train members of staff to be SEJ Consultants either at a greatly reduced price, or where we can, for free. To apply for funding please fill in our application form at this link.

Free Consultation

A free consultation is available on request, where one of our SEJ Facilitators will discuss your setting’s requirements and the training and membership options available, what they include, and how we can best serve your setting. If you require more information or wish to request your free consultation to discuss your needs, please contact us.


SEJ Training Introduction Pack

You can download our SEJ Training Introduction Pack to help you to decide on the best options for you. This interactive guide will enable you to understand more about the SEJ, alongside keeping notes of your questions or requirements. You can then share with your team or SEJ Facilitator and/or team.

SEJ Independent Plan
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SEJ Training Introduction Pack
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