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SEJ Consultant Training


One option for your setting either in addition to integrating the SEJ or independent of this, is the opportunity for one or more members of the staff to train as a SEJ Consultant and/or SEJ Trainer.

A SEJ Consultant is someone based in your educational setting who can consult with anyone (staff, educator, student, or parents/carers) to guide them through the SEJ Process on a one-to-one basis.

It is suited for those who wish to take their personal use of the SEJ a step further whilst supporting anyone and everyone around them. This training although may be best suited to those whose role involves a pastoral/counselling duty, it is however also beneficial for educators in enhancing their communication skills and self-management in the setting.

This training is ideal for parents/carers who wish to further develop their understanding and application of the SEJ in the students’ home environment. Whilst also enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with all members of the family and setting staff.

Onsite Consultant Benefits are:

  • The setting will have individuals who are SEJ subject experts in-house rather than referring to external agencies, including the SEJ organisation.


  • Collaborative educational setting approach: Having an onsite SEJ Consultant enables a collaborative approach to wellbeing which promotes and supports students’, staff and family’s wellbeing and mental health, enabling all to thrive and succeed to reach their full potential.


  • An onsite SEJ Consultant ensures a consistent and unified framework enabling continuity of care resulting in a healthy and thriving educational community.


  • Addressees the problem of waiting lists for referrals to external agencies, at the same time as supporting with prevention and minimising the escalation of mental health issues.


  • SEJ Consultants can offer support to staff developing positive mental health on a one-to-one basis, or in groups thereby empowering staff to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.


  • Having a SEJ Consultant onsite supports students to access intervention whether from a pastoral or academic member of staff, or indeed any staff from all departments. They would be qualified to address students’ immediate needs in an appropriate manner without escalation or referral to overburdened external services.

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