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SEJ Trainer Training

One option for your setting either in addition to integrating the SEJ or independent of this, is the opportunity for one or more members of the staff to train as a SEJ Consultant and/or SEJ Trainer.

A SEJ Trainer is someone who wishes to take their understanding of the SEJ to a deeper level. The SEJ Trainer is fully qualified to teach the SEJ Process at their educational setting to multiple audiences be it students, staff, educators, and/or parents/carers giving the opportunity for everyone at the setting to receive the SEJ training.

At the same time having an onsite SEJ Trainer allows the setting students, staff, educators, and parents/carers to enhance their practice of the SEJ Process.

Onsite Trainer Benefits are:


  • The setting will have individuals who are SEJ subject experts in-house rather than referring to external agencies, including the SEJ organisation.


  • Collaborative educational setting approach: Having an onsite SEJ Trainer enables a collaborative approach to wellbeing which promotes and supports students’, staff and family’s wellbeing and mental health, enabling all to thrive and succeed to reach their full potential.


  • If a member of staff is a qualified SEJ Trainer, they can run school clubs for students to empower them in their SEJ practice and development of key life skills.


  • SEJ Trainers can offer training to parents/carers to teach them the SEJ and run SEJ Practice Workshops to offer continued development and support in their practice.


  • SEJ Trainers can offer training to staff, developing positive mental health one to one or in groups thereby empowering staff to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.


  • There are CPD’s for qualified SEJ Trainers to ensure their continued personal and professional development in supporting the setting.

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