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Our passion is to equip everyone in every educational setting with the tools to stay mentally healthy. We are fully aware that many settings do not have the funds to purchase services, so we here at the SEJ want to offer services for free or subsidised where possible.

One of the ways we do this is through fundraising exercises and projects which enable us to provide SEJ services to educational settings.

We offer local businesses the opportunity to sponsor a local setting so we can provide SEJ training programmes to the setting for free. There are benefits to sponsoring for both the educational settings and the business themselves.

For the setting they get access to SEJ training programmes that they may not normally be able to afford, and every student that completes the SEJ training will receive a SEJ Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness Certificate proving they have the necessary skills to stay mentally healthy.  The local business is provided with a certificate from us demonstrating that they are sponsoring the local setting which will help the business demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The local business is also aware that if they go on to employ anyone from that local setting, that the candidate is equipped with the soft skills to stay mentally healthy.

Learning the SEJ is also an excellent process for assisting with transition. The research we did at Kingston University through Dr. Howard-Kishi demonstrated how the SEJ supported students transitioning into University. The SEJ will equally support pupils and students transitioning into the workplace. The video below highlights this in more detail.

If you'd like to find out more about how the SEJ can support your setting, or if you are business interested in sponsoring a local school, college, university, or other educational setting please contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

SEJ Transition and Employability

The University Mental Health Charter 'Principals of good practice' (Domain1 Learn: Transition into University) states: "1. Universities take a whole university approach to transition, embedding measures to support the positive transition of all students across their provision and into the curriculum."

In this presentation given by Dr. Howard-Kishi and Elliot Hughes at Kingston University under the theme of transition and employability, the SEJ shows:

- How the SEJ proved to be 100% successful in supporting students during transition to HEI.

- Testimonials from students.

- How the SEJ can support students transitioning out of university.

- The Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Certificate and it's benefits.


This presentation explains the effectiveness of the SEJ as an embedded part of the curriculum in supporting students into University, and how offering it as a skill to transition into employment leads into the whole university approach.

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