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Mary Bio

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

Head of Strategy, Implementation and Training


Mary (as she prefers to be known) is our Head of Strategy, Implementation and Training, and is responsible for ensuring everything we do is focused on empowering the lives of everyone linked to the educational setting. That students, educators/staff and families are able to learn the skills required to stay mentally healthy and reach their full potential.


Mary says...

"I originally worked in the corporate world for many years whilst simultaneously experiencing mental health challenges which began at the age of 14. I suffered several recurring bouts of depression, some mild, others severe, culminating in a life changing event at the age of 28. I have now been depression free for over 25 years, and during this time I have dedicated my life to educating people in leading empowering lives, as they learn the skills required to stay mentally healthy. 


I have shared the SEJ Process with people from all walks of life, the Armed Forces, Police, Clergy, Sports Professionals, Education and in Business. It is my firm belief that if we can educate our young people about mental health and give them the life skills required to stay mentally healthy, then they will go on to reach their full potential, become productive members of society and live a empowered lives."

Marikos Bio

Dr. Mariko Howard-Kishi

Head of Research

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Dr. Mariko Howard-Kishi is our Head of Research working collaboratively with the SEJ organisation collating data and research to prove the efficacy of the SEJ in education. She is responsible for working with research participants, collating and reviewing of data and submitting research for publication.

Mariko says...

"I am a Senior Lecturer, Pastoral Tutor and Course Director Foundation Year Pharmacy at Kingston University and have been a practitioner of the SEJ Process personally and professionally for a number of years. Originally, I was attracted to the SEJ Process as a self-development tool, then I used the process professionally as a Personal/Pastoral Tutor because I felt ill equipped to help students who are struggling, and as a Course Director I also wanted a simple effective process that students can learn to support their academic and personal lives so they may reach their full potential in every moment. 


The SEJ organisation has offered us opportunities to work collaboratively not only in supporting students during transition into and out of university, but also to investigate its impact and effectiveness for these young people to have positive mental health and to live to the best of their abilities. As a scientist this was not an opportunity to be missed, as even though as a practitioner it is self-evident that the process works 100% of the time.  I was keen to see hard evidence of the impact the SEJ Process had upon students university life. The recent research conducted over a 2-year period showed that the process works 100% of the time in every area of their university life when practiced.

While I have always been a passionate advocate of the SEJ process because of its effectiveness and simplicity that gives instant results in every situation, the success of the process investigated proved to me once and for all that it is a transferrable life skill that every educational institution should be embedding into their curriculum. I am reminded of a memorable comment made by a student 'why have we not been taught this skill at school?'."

Elliots Bio

Elliot Hughes

Head of Campaigns and Communications


Elliot Hughes is our Head of Campaigns and Communication and is responsible for using his experience of the SEJ and of the Corporate world, to help us market the SEJ and the various services that we can offer.

Elliot says...

“I have used the SEJ in my own life for many years now, and have seen first-hand how it has helped me in my relationships with others, and myself, my career, and has helped me hugely in situations of personal grief. Having witnessed the power of the SEJ Process in my own life I have qualified as an SEJ Trainer and Consultant, and I’m now passionate about sharing the SEJ with as many people as I can.


My own personal experiences with the SEJ combined with over 25 years of working in and with businesses enables me drive fund raising programs whereby local business can sponsor and support a local Educational Setting. As you will have no doubt seen from our messaging, one of the key things that we offer is this complete holistic approach to staying mentally healthy which covers not only students and educators, but the families as well.


By local business supporting local schools, and the businesses themselves learning the SEJ we allow local families who have children in local schools to learn the SEJ, and the family members to learn the SEJ and take these skills into their working environment."

Carol's Bio

Carol Blakemore

Team Coordinator and Head of Volunteering


Carol is our Team Coordinator and Head of Volunteering. She has worked for the organisation for 17 years, having first come to us as a student of the SEJ. Her daily functions in the organisation of the business are to help keep team members organised and focused on their project and goals.

Carol says...

“Having a good working relationship with the team ensures the smooth running of the company. I am the link between all departments providing support and help by fulfilling any needed requirements to keep everything running smoothly.

Part of my Head of Volunteering role is to provide management and leadership to the function of volunteering. To promote and enable a positive culture of engagement and the values of work for the organisation, ensuring that volunteering is understood and respected throughout the organisation which reflects on the day to day work.”

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